Rome Photo Club FAQ

What type of cameras are used by the members?

    Some members have point-and-shoot models, iPhones, while others have high-end DSLR’s (Digital single lens reflex) cameras. There is a wide variety of camera brands owned including Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Samsung, Pentax and more.

What is the photo challenge contest?

    Each month there is a theme assigned and the members can submit photos anonymously. Voting is done on our private Facebook page The one with the most votes, wins the challenge. All photographs must be taken in the year submitted.  Visit the photo album to see past challenge winners.

How often do you go on outings?

    We try to plan an outing or two each month.

 Where do you go on your outings?

    The outings are usually places within a two hour drive from Rome. Sites we have visited include: Martha Berry – House of Dreams, Rome Antique Car Show, Sand Rock, AL, Birmingham Zoo, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Downtown Rome,  and much more.  Suggestions are always welcome for future trips.

What happens at the meetings?

    At each meeting we have the photo submissions, discuss outings and go over club matters. Often we will have a guest speaker or view photos submitted by members. Past meeting events included:

  • Peach Camera and Video came to clean cameras and to talk about camera care.
  • Professional Photographers gave us excellent tips on taking photographs.
  • Viewed members’ photos from recent trips
  • Slide shows of of high quality amateur photo collection from trips around the globe.

May I attend meetings without joining?

    Yes, You may attend one meeting before deciding to join. If you decide to join, the dues are prorated according to the time of year you join. Check with the group treasurer for more details.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us through the contact page of this website or ask at the next meeting!